A Comfortable Lifestyle for Special Needs Seniors

Assisted Senior Living Center
in Mesa, AZ

Help your senior get the independence they deserve by enrolling in Community Options & Independent Living in Mesa, AZ. We’re an assisted living facility that focuses on care for disabled individuals. Our team helps your loved ones live a comfortable life with as little or as much help as they need.

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Helping Seniors Settle In

Retiring is harder than ever in these times, and finding a place to settle down is even harder. Luckily, our assisted living facility works with you to find community and living resources in Maricopa County. Whether or not your loved one has a disability, our retirement community is open for housing and resource gathering. 

Service for Special Needs

Community Options & Independent Living specializes in helping seniors who need a hand performing daily tasks. If your loved one has special needs, our assisted living facility welcomes them with open arms. They’ll enjoy living resources in our retirement community, a personal caregiver, and the resources they need to live as independently as possible. 

A Bit About Our Retirement Community

Our senior living center is located in Maricopa County, surrounded by beautiful scenery, several amenities, and like-minded peers. Your loved one will enjoy on-demand health care services, nearby retail stores, transportation services, and local worship centers. 

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Enroll your loved one with Community Options & Independent Living. Our assisted living facility caters to the disabled adult community and helps them get the resources and living amenities they need to live a wonderful, comfortable retirement.

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